Making communities safer

Through our Community Grants program and road safety, crime prevention and emergency readiness and response partnerships, we support a range of community organisations and programs, focusing on promoting safety and reducing risk in the community.

After all, fewer risks lead to fewer claims and that's good news for the community, our customers, our employees, and our business.

 Road Safety

We have a long history of working with community groups such as Kidsafe and NSW VRA to change behaviours and reduce the frequency and severity of incidents on the road.


Each year more than 350 Australian children are killed and 60,000 hospitalised due to injuries that could have been avoided*.

Our partnership with Kidsafe (Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia) aims to support parents and carers to improve child safety.

Kidsafe is the leading Australian non-government, not-for-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional injuries affecting children under 15 years of age.

We work with Kidsafe to support their road safety programs that promote the correct use of car restraints, improve home driveway and school car park safety, pedestrian safety and bicycle safety.

One of the major and preventable causes of child deaths and serious unintentional injury is a child not wearing an approved, appropriate and properly used car restraint. To help parents and carers, Kidsafe and NRMA Insurance are offering free child restraint checks.

If you live in ACT, register now for your FREE child restraint check

If you live in NSW, register now for your FREE child restraint check

If you live in QLD, register now for your FREE child restraint check

Last year, we worked with Kidsafe to correctly fit more than 15,000 child restraints in NSW, ACT, QLD and WA.

To improve driveway safety, we also produce a Reversing Visibility Index (RVI) that measures how well a driver can see out the back of a car, promoted through brochures and media.

Find out about Kidsafe in your local area at

NSW Volunteer Rescue Association

We are proud to be the major sponsor of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) which is a volunteer organisation made up of 64 affiliated search and rescue squads. They are the largest provider of the first line of response and rescue services in rural NSW.

Our partnership helps them to continue providing vital search and rescue services for people in rural areas who may be victims of a road crash or industrial accident, trapped by storms, in trouble on inland waterways or at sea.

Last year, the NSW VRA spent 6179 hours rescuing almost 4,000 people from over 800 motor vehicle collisions across NSW.

Our partnership with the VRA goes beyond financial investment. We also:

  • Encourage our employees to volunteer their time to support their local VRA squad
  • Support VRA managed Driver Reviver sites during peak holiday seasons across NSW through educational activity focusing on safe driving

Find your local VRA affiliate at

 Crime Prevention

We support organisations that increase security and safety by reducing the opportunity for crime. We are proud to support the NSW Police, the ACT Home Safety Program and Mission Australia through a range of programs that change attitudes and practices of people towards protecting property and people.

NSW Police

We have teamed up with the NSW Police to bring the Home Safe program to local areas across NSW. This program aims to reduce the number of burglaries and break and enter incidents. We also support initiatives that aim to reduce car theft.

We partner with the NSW Police to hold:

  • Community Safety Forums – held in local communities, the forums include presentations by home security experts, NRMA Insurance representatives and NSW Police focusing on local crime trends and strategies to reduce theft related crime.
  • Good Neighbour BBQs – opportunities for people to get to know their neighbours and get practical advice on increasing the safety and security of their homes and cars.

The NRMA Insurance Crime Prevention Van is a central part of these initiatives and provides on-the-spot advice on how to reduce crime to approximately 200 people every month.

Download the Home Safe brochure for more information on how you can make your home safer.

Mission Australia

We partner with Mission Australia’s South West Youth Services (SWYS) to support young people in the community who have recently left the Juvenile Justice system.

We support the Post Release Support Program, which offers life skills, education, training support and employment skills to young people. The program helps them to integrate back into their communities and build a better future.

The program has been very successful:

  • 80% of program participants have successfully gained employment or an education placement
  • There has been a 78% reduction in criminal offences by participants since program completion

 Emergency Readiness & Response

We support the State Emergency Service (SES) in ACT, NSW and QLD and ACT Fire & Rescue who run community education programs that help people deal with emergency situations such as fire or storms.

State Emergency Service

We are the major corporate supporter of the State Emergency Services (SES) in ACT, NSW and QLD. The SES is the lead agency in the response to floods, storms and tsunamis.

We work together with each of our SES partners to run programs aimed at helping communities equip themselves and their neighbours to reduce the impact of adverse weather.

During the annual storm season, for example, we help residents to get storm ready through community initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of the summer storm season.

Our partnership is also supporting members' efforts to better engage and prepare our communities and in Queensland we offer QLD SES volunteers a ‘Hero Discount’ on selected insurance policies.

For more information, visit the ACT, QLD or NSW SES website.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Service

We sponsor the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service’s (QFES) highly regarded Safehome program.

Through Safehome, firefighters visit interested Queensland households to provide free advice about home fire safety issues. These include smoke alarm installation and checking, evacuation planning, electrical safety and security issues.

With our support, the QFES is able to provide an average of 125 Safehome visits per month.

For a free Safehome visit, call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or visit the QFES website.

ACT Emergency Services Agency

We have joined forces with the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) to support ACT Fire & Rescue's winter home fire safety community education campaign.

For tips and practical advice on how to reduce the risk of home fire and prepare for storm, visit the ESA website.