There’s certainly a lot of freedom when you work from home, but there’s also a lot you need to be on top of. Did you know, that standard home insurance may not cover all aspects of a home-based business.

Our Home Business Insurance is specifically designed to protect your business, so you can relax and get back to work.


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Home Business Insurance covers the following:  

  • Fire and Other Defined Events. Cover for your equipment, contents and stock against events such as fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake and impact from falling trees at your home
  • Electronic Equipment. Cover for breakdown of your home office equipment, such as computers, printers, laptops, fax machines and phone equipment
  • Public and Product Liability. Covers you against claims for negligent acts, occurring in connection with your business, that cause personal injury or property damage
  • Personal Accident and Illness. Provides you with income protection should you suffer an injury or illness that prevents you from completing your normal work duties. This can provide cover for the home-based business owner who does not have access to sick leave

 How it works

Fire and Other Defined Events

David is an architect. He works from his studio at home. David understands the importance of designing a safe home. He also knows that the right cover is an important part of making the home safer. Which is why if there’s a fire, lightning, earthquake, falling trees, his studio equipment, contents, and stock are covered.

Public and Product Liability

Shane enjoys running his own gardening service, but he also knows the liabilities of working with specialised equipment. Whether it's the odd cuts and bruises, or worse. Shane opted for Public liability insurance, which covers him against claims for negligent acts, which cause personal injury and/or property damage occurring in connection with his business.

Electronic Equipment

Jane is a management consultant. She usually works from home, but from time to time she also works from a client’s office. One night her client’s office was broken into and her laptop was stolen. Fortunately, Jane had Electronic Equipment cover, and the costs of replacing her laptop covered.

Personal Accident and Illness

Mark get’s paid hourly as a psychologist. Working from home means he needs to be healthy as no one else can cover him. That’s why if Mark does suffer an illness or injury he is covered for the days he can't attend to patients.


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Important documents

Download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Download the Home Key Fact Sheets (KFS)

Our Home Key Facts Sheet (KFS) sets out some of the events/risks covered and not covered by our domestic homes listed in Business Insurance policies and other information you should consider. These sheets do not provide a complete statement of the cover offered, exclusions, conditions and limits that apply under the policies. You should carefully read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and all policy documentation for more details.