Avoiding regular servicing might seem like an easy way to save money, but doing so will not only cause bigger woes when it comes time to make a car insurance claim, it also endangers other Aussie drivers.

Regular car services are carried out to ensure that a vehicle operates efficiently, safely and reliably. Up to 50 or more car components and system checks and adjustments can be expected in a full service. This includes checking and changing important fluids, making it well worth the money.

Skipping car services places excessive stress on vehicle components. It also rules out the opportunity for owners to identify any potential cooling system problems - think leaks from the radiator, water pump, hoses or cylinder gasket. These issues can be quite pricey to fix later on if they escalate.

What's worse is an unserviced car has a greater chance of experiencing inconvenient and expensive breakdowns when driven. The consequences can be even more serious if a mechanical failure occurs while out on the open road, especially if the car's steering or braking systems are affected.

Five reasons you should regularly service your vehicle

1. Maximise life span

A correctly serviced vehicle will have a longer life span. For example, a simple oil filter change helps car motors function smoother and more effectively, prolonging their life expectancy.

2. Peace of mind

You can be certain that your vehicle is safe to drive, so you're not putting yourself, family, friends, pedestrians and other road users at risk when driving.

3. Warranty

Manufacturers have a right to void a customer's new car warranty if servicing is neglected to an unreasonable extent.

4. Retain value

Having a logbook outlining a complete service history means your vehicle will be worth more should you decide to sell it.

5. Reduces long-term costs

If avoiding disaster isn't enough to get you to your local mechanic, consider the benefits for your wallet. Regularly serviced cars use less petrol and can have a higher resale value if you maintain logbooks. Insurance providers like NRMA car insurance can recommend reputable garages.

The general rule of thumb to service a vehicle is every six months unless an obvious problem requires attention. Read your car owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendation if in doubt.