Sunday is likely to be safest day for Queensland drivers to hit the shops, NRMA Insurance claims data has revealed.

The insurer found fewer collisions happened in Queensland car parks on Sunday compared to other days, while Friday was the most likely day for car park dings and dents.

The NRMA Insurance claims data also revealed car park collisions were set to jump by about 13 per cent* in Queensland this month, thanks to the peak shopping season.

NRMA Insurance spokesperson Sue Hawkins urged Queensland drivers to stay calm in the pre-Christmas car park frenzy to avoid an unnecessary ding.

“This time of year is already hectic, so you don’t want to add to your stress with a car park collision,” she said.

“Show a little car park courtesy by being patient, giving other drivers plenty of room to manoeuvre and following the traffic directions.”

NRMA Insurance also found that in Queensland over the last year one in six collisions happened in a car park and nearly half of those involved reversing.

“Typical parking collisions involve reversing into other cars, but run-ins with runaway shopping trolleys and side scrapes with pylons and poles are also contributing to the estimated 40,000 collisions in Queensland car parks each year**,” Ms Hawkins said.

NRMA Insurance offers these tips to avoid a Christmas car park crunch:

  • Obey the parking rules and traffic directions and be alert for other drivers who don’t;
  • When reversing in or out of a car space, go slow and don’t just rely on your mirrors – look over your shoulder as well;
  • Reversing cameras and sensors can help, but drivers should still be aware of what’s around them;
  • If you can, reverse into a car space, so it’s easier to see in both directions when pulling out;
  • Do your bit by returning shopping trolleys to their bay;
  • Use indicators every time you make a turn;
  • Don’t pull out around cars that are waiting to drive into a parking space – be patient and give them room to move;
  • If you hit a parked car, do the right thing and leave a note with your details;
  • If you witness a collision, pass on any information you have to the innocent party.

* Based on NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance claims FY 08/09 and 09/10.

** Extrapolated estimate based on NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance claims FY 09/10 and market share.