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You can choose which policy best suits your needs to insure your contents with SGIC to SA households, including:

  • Home Contents Insurance – new for old replacement on contents like your stereo, TV, computer, fridge, washing machine, clothing and much more.
  • Home Buildings and Contents Combined Insurance – one policy that covers both home and contents means you only have one premium.
  • Home Plus Insurance – all the protection of our Home Contents Insurance, with extra protection for things like automatic cover for accidental damage and burn out of electric motor (fusion), plus our safety net for your General Contents.  

Contents value calculator

Calculate the current value of your contents with our easy to use calculator.

Home Contents value calculator

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Why choose SGIC Home Contents Insurance?

  •  New for old replacement cover
  •  Flexible excess levels to help reduce your premium
  •  Fast, paperless claims and 24/7 Helpline
  •  Experience - we’ve been insuring South Australians since 1971
  •  With the Loyalty Discount, the more eligible policies you have and the longer you stay with us, the more you save

Contents Home Plus, our highest level of cover

SGIC Home Plus Insurance is our highest level of cover for your household contents. It provides all the features and benefits of our standard Home Contents Insurance, with additional cover to give you peace of mind.

Home Plus offers the following cover:

  •  Up to 25% safety net on top of the general contents sum insured for extra costs to replace your contents if you need it
  •  Automatic cover for Accidental damage and burn out of electric motors (fusion)
  •  Identity theft up to $5,000
  •  Credit card theft up to $5,000
  •  Temporary accommodation for up to 2 years
  •  Optional cover for your Portable Contents for items including jewellery, watches and laptops outside your home

To choose Home Plus simply complete a standard Home Insurance quote and then select the 'Upgrade to Plus cover' option.

What level of cover do I get for my money?

For full cover details please read the Home Insurance Policy Booklet.

What are you covered for?
  Storm   Flood ^   Water and oil leaks
  Lightning   Fire   Earthquake
  Animal damage   Liability cover   Broken glass
  •   Riots or civil commotion
  •   Theft or attempted theft
  •  Vandalism or a malicious act
  Impact damage   Explosion


^ Flood cover is included as standard with SGIC home insurance products which commenced on or after 9th January 2012. Damage caused by the sea is not covered (except tsunamis).

Optional covers Standard Contents Contents Home Plus
Accidental damage - mishaps around your home Optional  
Burn out of electric motors (fusion) Optional  
Pet lover's pack Optional Optional
Valuable Contents Optional Optional
Portable Contents Optional Optional
Other covers Standard Contents Contents Home Plus
Safety net   Up to 25% of the General Contents sum insured *
Identity theft up to $5,000 to cover legal costs and fees   Up to $5,000
Accidental damage while taking your contents to your new home   Up to $5,000
Fire, theft or collision while taking your contents to your new home    
Moving into your new home **    
Food spoilage Up to $500 Up to $2,000
Fixtures for owners and landlords – strata scheme    
Temporary accommodation for tenants or strata scheme owners Up to 12 months Up to 24 months
Keys and locks      
Credit card theft Up to $1,000 Up to $5,000
Visitors' belongings Up to $500 Up to $2,000
Funeral expenses Up to $10,000 Up to $10,000

* Safety net applies to the extra costs to replace your general contents above the sum insured, if required.
** You must provide us with your new home details within 14 days from when you start moving.

 Want the highest level of cover for your home and contents?
Choose Home Plus Insurance


Contents Insurance discounts and savings

  Loyalty Discount - save up to 25% on your premium as a loyal SGIC customer 

  No Claim Bonus - save up to 25% on your contents insurance if you have a good claims history 

  Flexible excess levels - choose a higher excess for your policy and benefit from a lower premium. 

Find out more about Loyalty Discount

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