Long Way

Travelling to be with the ones you love is an essential part of any Australian Christmas as shown through our heart-warming Christmas tale urging all Australians that wherever you're going these holidays, drive safely.

  • Slow down, give yourself time to get to your destination
  • Don't drive if you've been drinking
  • On long trips, take regular breaks and pull off the road if you feel fatigued
  • In bad weather, slow down and remain alert
  • Ensure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition
  • Remember - don't talk or text whilst driving

Before you leave

  • Always lock up - even if you are in the back yard, or just going out for a couple of minutes
  • Don't advertise your valuables - keep items out of sight and dispose of packaging carefully
  • Remember to lock garages and garden sheds as they contain valuable items too
  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property and even park in your driveway
  • Ensure your home looks lived in - mow your lawns, put your lights on timers, get your mail collected
  • Avoid packing your car too early, or in view of possible thieves
  • Ensure your home insurance is adequate and up to date

While you're away

  • Whether staying in a caravan, tent or unit, remember to lock away valuable items
  • Lock your car and don't leave bags or valuables in sight
  • Phones, wallets and iPods are prime targets for thieves
  • When at the beach, alternate swims with friends and family, leaving someone to look after the property
  • Secure bikes, surfboards and any other recreational equipment when not in use
  • Leave contact details and destination information with trusted family or friends
  • Check your portable items coverage on your home and contents insurance is adequate and up to date

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