Apply for sponsorship

NRMA Insurance is proudly involved in a range of commercial sponsorships and community partnerships that reflect shared goals and common organisational values.

If you are interested in seeking support from NRMA Insurance, there are two types of support available:

Commercial sponsorships - deliver commercially driven outcomes such as business growth and/or benefits for our customers.

Community partnerships - return social benefits back to the community through making communities safer and helping to reduce risk.

  • Events held outside Australia, within Victoria or Northern Territory
  • Activities that involve our competitors
  • Indirect fundraising (eg an individual or organisation raising money for another organisation)
  • Programs that denigrate, exclude or offend minority groups
  • Political organisations or charities with a political purpose
  • Religious organisations for religious activities
  • Programs that may present a hazard to the community
  • The promotion of alcohol, tobacco, dangerous driving, gambling, activities with a negative impact on the environment or illegal activities

To apply for a Community Partnership or Commercial Sponsorship please review the Sponsorship Proposal Guidelines and determine what type of support you are applying for. The guidelines will provide you with key information regarding your proposal and help ensure your request is received by the relevant business area.

Please note given the large number of applications we receive we will endeavour to respond to your application within four weeks of receipt. If you are applying for sponsorship please ensure you submit your request at least six months prior to your event or activity.