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Environmental sustainability

We view climate change and severe weather events as significant risks to the sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate. That’s why we are working to minimise our environmental impact by being a carbon neutral company and offering products and services to our customers to help encourage sustainable behaviour.

As part of IAG Group, we are a signatory to the United Nations Environment Program’s Finance Initiative and participate in external benchmarking activities to capture feedback from stakeholders on what we do well and what we could do better. We are proud that we continue to be recognised externally for our commitment to business sustainability.

Our performance

Since 2006, we have decreased our carbon emissions by over 30%.

Our strategy is to encourage all areas of our business to reduce carbon emitted through our operations. Since 2009 we have set ourselves a carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emission reduction target of 5% each year .

The target is currently calculated based on the use of resources such as electricity, paper, tool of trade fuel, taxi use, air travel, building refrigerants and waste to landfill.

We are working towards broadening the scope of our carbon footprint to include water consumption across our property network as well as car rentals and hotel accommodation.


Electricity consumption has reduced 16% last year mainly due to the consolidation of our property network. We have implemented a Desk Top Power Down initiative and have seen growing benefits from our green star rated buildings.

Going forward, we want to continue to refine how we measure and monitor our consumption of electricity across our property network to help us identify opportunities for greater efficiency.


We reduced our office paper consumption last year by 9%. This was driven by better use of double sided print and the introduction of iPads for induction programs for new employees.

However, print paper increased by 60% as policy changes were made to incorporate flood cover and new home insurance products.

Fuel and travel

Air travel reduced by 3% due to the pressure to rationalise travel.

Taxi travel also reduced 30% because of the increased use of car pooling and public transport for meetings.

The insurance sector accounts for 75% of smash repair work. That’s why we focus on initiatives that support the sustainability of the motor repair industry, like EcoSmash, our interactive program which is designed to help smash repairers understand and comply with environmental legislation and regulations that relate to their business.

Visit the IAG website, for more detailed information about our business sustainability approach and performance.

We offer a range of online tools which help you to make environmentally sustainable choices:

  • Fuel efficient vehicle saving - save up to 10% off your Comprehensive Car Insurance and Comprehensive Plus Insurance if you have a fuel efficient car recognised by NRMA Insurance
  • Our interactive Help House which has been developed to provide useful tips and practical advice on creating a safe, secure and environmentally friendly home