Coronavirus response

Helping you stay safe during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

How we are helping

During the coronavirus pandemic, you might be feeling uncertain and getting a lot of information from many different sources.

So, we want to keep everything you need to know about our response to the coronavirus in one simple place, with the latest information as things change.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to help you, our teams, and our networks of suppliers (like assessors and repairers) to stay safe in this difficult time.

All branches and kiosks are temporarily closed

For everyone’s protection, we’ve temporarily closed all our branches and kiosks.

Some branches are still available over the phone. To find contact details for those branches, check our branch closure information.

Even though branches are closed, you can still log in anytime to manage your policies, and find other ways to make payments (including online).

Check your travel insurance cover

We're staying up to date on the latest Australian travel situation. The Australian Government has raised its travel advice to ‘Do Not Travel’ for all countries, and they also advise cancelling all non-essential domestic travel.

If you need to make a claim for a cancelled trip, your level of cover depends on things like your plan, when you took out your cover and where you’re travelling.

To learn more, check our coronavirus travel insurance information, and read the latest claims advice.

Keeping safe when you claim

We’re making changes to how we manage claims to help minimise risk for you and our network of suppliers (like assessors and repairers).

Our network of suppliers will ask screening questions, wear protective gear, and follow all health and safety advice from the authorities.

We’re also using live video assessments, so for some claims we may not have to do assessments in person.

During this time when wait times over the phone are longer than usual, it’s fastest to log in to make a claim for your home or car.