Don't drive naughty drive nice

A Christmas that's all about the kids

Christmas is the most magical time of year. But it’s also the most dangerous on our roads.

To make our roads safer, we enlisted the help of a few cheeky and charming Aussie kids to create a memorable and magical campaign that allows us to see Christmas through a child’s eyes. And while the kids had different reasons for loving Christmas, they all had one common message for their parents:

Don’t drive naughty, drive nice.

Christmas TV film

With the help of acclaimed Hollywood director, Mark Forster, we created an enchanting ad with a powerful message.

Behind the scenes exclusive

Have a peek behind the curtain and see the many hands it took to create such a memorable ad.

Podcasts for kids

Whether you’re driving long distance or taking a quick trip, keep the kids entertained this holiday season with the NRMA Insurance Podcast: Are We There Yet? Presented by some of Australia’s favourite personalities including Guy Sebastian, Fitzy and Wippa, Yumi Stynes, Justine Clarke and Jay Laga'aia, these collections of stories tell the magical tales of Christmas – with an Aussie twist – and will leave the entire family in stitches.

Download the podcast

Are we there yet? Powered by Kinderling Kids Radio.

Drive nice...

To bring our 'drive nice' message to life, we enlisted the help of Aussie schoolkids to tell us – in their own words and writing – just why they want their parents to drive safely this Christmas.

Drive nice or Santa will not come! Written by Jessica, 9.

Drive nice because I love Christmas with my family! Written by Neve, 9.

Drive nice because we are your favourite things in the world! Written by Max, 7.

Drive nice because unlike cats we only have one life. Written by Ada, 10.

Drive nice cause I ain't walking no where. Written by Lilly, 10.

Drive nice and we won't stink up the car. Written by Natalia, 11.

Drive nice because I love Nan's cookies. Written by Ivy, 6.

Drive nice because I love my Granma's broccoli soup. Written by Tom, 6.