First Saturdays

First Saturday

A monthly day to help

Every day Australia’s first responders risk their lives to help us, but now there’s a day we can help them. First Saturday. If we all make our homes safer once a month, together we can help prevent first responders being called to danger.

How you can help

If we all make our homes safer once a month, together we can help first responders. Download the calendar so you know when it’s time to help.

The tasks

July - Get home fire ready

Check electrical appliances

August - Get hailstorm ready

Set weather alerts

September - Get home fire ready

Get a fire blanket

Fighting fire on the frontline

The Black Summer bushfires left an indelible mark on our nation. Amidst the tragedy, came incredible stories of help. Now it's our turn to help the helpers, just like NSW Rural Fire Service volunteer, Jackson.

Braving the eye of the storm

Across Australia, there are some 43,000 NSW State Emergency Service volunteers. A group of men and women dedicated to protecting us from danger and helping in disaster. Joseph and his team keep us safe, let's ensure we return the favour.

Mobilising the power of humanity

The scale of the bushfires is still hard to grasp. Amidst the worst of times, came the best of people. More than 3000 Red Cross people helped at more than 150 evacuation and relief centres over the summer bushfires. Natasha was one of them.