Free Legal Advice for Business

Together with Legal Access Services, we’re pleased to provide:

  • Free legal and tax advice
  • Online will and business succession planning
  • Discounted legal audit and more
  • ‘Keep it current’ reminder service for your documents

How does it work?

Legal and Tax Advice

Simply post your question on the My Lawyer site and within a few days you’ll receive initial confidential legal or tax advice from a qualified panel of law and accounting firms.

Free Will and Succession Planning

  • Create a will online tailored to your needs, together with instructions for enacting and storage of your will
  • Information to help you start your business succession planning
  • The option of an introduction to a Legal Access Services law firm, including your business succession requirements to reduce your costs and speed your legal planning

Why should I use this service?

  • Experience – Legal Access Services has 15 years experience in providing high quality legal advice
  • Choice of longer term service – benefit from an ongoing relationship with your advice provider, should you need, after your initial legal advice

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About your information
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