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Our claims assessors have been preparing for the things you can never prepare for

On-the-ground support

"After an event we’re on the ground as soon as it’s safe to be there. Helping people face to face can make all the difference."

– Adam, 12 years at NRMA Insurance

Every customer is different

"I never just assume what someone needs. No two events are the same. Everyone needs their own kind of help."

– Peter, 35 years at NRMA Insurance

Meet our Assessors

"I've got the experience and the trade knowledge to help people straight away."

– Garry, 10 years at NRMA Insurance

"I do get personally involved. How can you not when you’re dealing with somebody who’s lost everything?"

– Mandy, 26 years at NRMA Insurance

"You’re a little bit of hope for people at a time when they really need it."

– Adam, 11 years at NRMA Insurance

Working with local communities

"Recovery in communities is a team effort. We all come together to help."

– Mary, Australian Red Cross

Support when you need it most

"Our Help Response Vehicle offers immediate claims assistance and support on the spot after an event."

– Terry, NRMA Insurance Major Events Team

"Following my accident I was quite shaken. The man I spoke to asked if I was ok then suggested I get a glass of water to settle down. Once he had all the info the tow truck arrived in about 40 minutes."

– Pamela, NRMA Insurance Customer

"Mitchel the consultant who helped me with my claim, kept me at ease as I was quite upset about the car accident I was involved in. He genuinely cared about what I had to say. Amazing customer service."

– Sophie, NRMA Insurance Customer

"I've been a customer for 30 or more years. Always fast and courteous service, even with the storm and flood activity we have been through."

– Mark, NRMA Insurance Customer

"The Assessors arrived first thing the next morning. The girls on the phone were so understanding. It was the worst night of our lives, and you guys made it bearable."

– Alana, NRMA Insurance Customer

"NRMA do the right thing by me when I need them. We have never had any problems in the many years we have been with them."

– Rhonda, NRMA Insurance Customer

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