Our commitment to all Australians

We’re innovating to prevent accidents and give communities confidence

We've been finding new ways to help improve safety and reduce risk for our customers and communities for more than 90 years.

Today we're harnessing the power of the latest digital technologies to explore how we can continue to help more Australians.

We're partnering with world-leading researchers and scientists, alongside authorities who can help us test and develop new ideas.

This includes our prototype bushfire detection network, NRMA Fireblanket, and a distracted driving app that incentivises motorists to switch-off their phone behind the wheel.

It's all part of our ongoing commitment to innovating for a safer and more confident future.

Safer Journeys

Discouraging distracted driving

All over the world, phone use while driving is a major distraction leading to delayed reaction time and accidents.

We’re innovating for a safer tomorrow. That’s why we’ve developed the Safer Journeys app, which rewards safe drivers and can help reduce the road toll and amount of accidents on our roads.


Flood monitoring and alert trial

Every year floods affect thousands of Australians and have an estimated cost of over $400 million.

That’s why, together with the NSW SES, we're supporting a 12 month trial of a new Australian flood monitoring technology, called DipStik. 18 devices have been installed in six flood prone areas of NSW aimed at reducing the risk to communities and reminding Australians that it's never safe to drive through floodwater.

NRMA FireBlanketTM

A prototype, early bushfire detection and monitoring network

Every year, Australian communities are affected by bushfires. And with the nature of Australian summers, the frequency and intensity of these catastrophic events can be unpredictable.

That’s why we’re working to establish NRMA FireBlanket: a prototype, early bushfire detection, and monitoring network. It’s goal? To reduce the impact bushfires have on our communities.

Safer Homes

Helping home owners identify risks

Home owners (and even renters) are unaware of the natural perils and threats that pose a risk to their homes.

That’s why we’ve developed Safer Homes: an online tool that helps people recognise and avoid the home and contents risks in their area.


Smart home security

Securing your home should be as simple as locking your car. And monitoring your home should be as easy as checking on your Facebook friends.

That’s why we’ve created Beam: an integrated, scalable, proactive solution to home security.