30 September 2015

NRMA Insurance has welcomed the ACT Government’s decision to regulate ridesharing, enabling shared economy providers to operate legally in Canberra, the first Australian jurisdiction to do so.

“We commend the ACT Government on being the first to provide clarity and consistency in the regulatory treatment of ride sharing services. This will better protect drivers and passengers, provide a level playing field for traditional transport providers and ultimately raise the bar for safety in the broader transport industry,” NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager, Product & Underwriting, Tracy Green said.

“As an insurer, our first priority is to protect our customers and meet the changing needs of Australians, which is why we provide cover for people who use their cars for Uber X. Ride sharing is here to stay, and we’re pleased that the ACT Government is taking steps to formally integrate this emerging form of transport.

“NRMA Insurance is open to working collaboratively with government and road transport networks to develop appropriate insurance solutions for ridesharing activities. We look forward to working with the ACT Government as they develop a customised CTP and property insurance regime tailored to the sharing economy,” Ms Green added.

NRMA Insurance offers Uber X cover for drivers in NSW, ACT and QLD. SGIC and SGIO, also part of the IAG Group, offer the same cover in SA and WA respectively.

There are currently various state-based reviews into transport regulations. Many Australians regularly drive across state borders and should be able to rely on a level of consistency between the regulatory frameworks of each jurisdiction. NRMA Insurance supports the harmonisation of regulation across Australian jurisdictions wherever possible and appropriate.

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