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CTP Green Slip complaints and resolutions

We're committed to helping you receive the best possible outcome. If you’re unhappy about how we’ve dealt with your claim, tell us how we can do better.

What happens to my no claim bonus when I make a car, motorcycle or scooter claim?

If you weren't the at-fault driver in an accident and you provide us with the at-fault driver's name and address, making a claim will not affect your No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you were the at-fault driver in an accident or damage to your car, motorcycle...

Coronavirus Life Insurance page

Learn about your Life Insurance cover during the coronavirus pandemic.

How do I check the status of my claim?

To enquire or check the progress of your car claim all you need to do is register or log in to your account to view your claim in the My Claims section. For other claims call us on 131 123 9am to 5pm weekdays and a Claims Consultant will be able to...

Can I wait until I return home before making a travel claim?

Yes, once you're home from your trip, you should lodge your claim within 60 days. This makes it easier to gather information we need to approve your claim. However, our online claims centre lets you start your claim anywhere in the world at anytime,...

What supporting evidence and documents do I need to make an Income Protection claim?

Sickness or Injury claims Sickness or Injury Initial Claim Form Sickness or Injury Initial Medical Report Evidence of your current income details as listed in the Initial Claim Form Involuntary Unemployment Cover claims - employees Involuntary...

Not at fault accident hire car cover

Involved in a collision that wasn't your fault? We may be able to provide you with a hire car and manage your repairs at no cost to you! Find our more.

Residents not prepared to weather looming storms

Along with the SES, we urge NSW and QLD residents to prepare their homes for storm season. New research shows Australians underestimate the damage every year.

How do I make a claim?

You can make a car claim online, it's simple, all you need is your policy number to register or just log in to your account. For other claims call us on 131 123 and we'll lodge your claim for you over the phone. We're able to do this, 24 hours a day...