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Is my No Claim Bonus linked to my new Loyalty Discount?

The No Claim Bonus is separate from the new Loyalty Discount. If you are eligible for a No Claim Bonus this will also be applied to your policy.

The damage to my car, motorcycle or scooter is minor, should I even make a claim?

If the cost of repairs to your car, motorcycle or scooter is less than the excess payable, you may choose not to make a claim. However, the first step is to start a claim so we can arrange to inspect the damage and discuss the cost of repairs with you....

Is my Loyalty Discount affected by any claims I make?

Any claims you make will not affect your Loyalty Discount level.

Who can make a NSW CTP personal injury claim?

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident can make a claim, including: The driver and passengers in another vehicle Motorcyclists Cyclists, pedestrians and other road users The at-fault NRMA driver for specific injuries If an NRMA CTP insured...

How will my claim for contents items be settled?

This depends on the types of items that you're claiming for. Contents items such as electrical items generally are referred to a specialist supplier that can assist in the replacement process. We can also sometimes choose to settle you with a store...

What can I claim for under NSW CTP Green Slip Insurance?

If you're injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by a vehicle with an NRMA NSW CTP Green Slip, we can help you with your recovery and return to work. You may be eligible to claim for: A percentage of any income you've lost (if time off...

What happens to my car if my claim is a total loss?

If we settle your claim as a total loss we keep your car. This doesn't apply if your car is insured under Third Party Fire and Theft insurance and the Market Value of the car is over $10,000. In these cases we allow you to keep the car.

Do I have to pay an excess if I'm claiming for a broken windscreen, window or sunroof?

If you've chosen this as an optional extra on your Comprehensive Car Insurance (or you've selected Comprehensive Plus) policy and it's the only thing that's been damaged in the incident you don't need to pay any excess for the claim.

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