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How do you decide what replacement items I receive for my home claim?

When we replace goods for you we consider the original item and its specifications.If that same item is available we'll attempt to source this as a replacement for you. If the same item isn't available we'll attempt to obtain a replacement that's...

What information do I need to collect when making a Car, Motorcycle or Scooter claim?

The name, address, phone number and licence details of any drivers involved in the accident The make, model and number plate of any cars involved in the accident The contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident Don't worry, we'll deal with...

For my home claim do I need to organise quotes for my home or contents?

NRMA Insurance has partnered with a number of leading retailers and licensed repairers to take the hassle out of you having to obtain quotes. In most cases you won't need to get quotes but if we need you to we'll contact you to let you know.

Financial assistance

If you need financial assistance, call us on 132 132 for support with your situation, and we’ll work out a plan together.

Why can't I claim my unused portion of my rego and NSW CTP Green Slip when my car is a total loss?

The amount that your car is insured for includes all on-road costs, which means that when we pay you we remove these costs from your settlement amount. You can apply to the RMS and your CTP insurer for refunds of these costs. Any CTP refunds have...

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Partner Repairers

With NRMA Partner Smash Repairers, you can have confidence knowing you have access to a network of close to 400 repairers Australia wide. Find out more!

Road roos a risk this long weekend

With data showing kangaroos account for 83 per cent of all animal collisions on NSW roads, NRMA Insurance urges drivers to be alert this long weekend.