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Insurance for electricians

NRMA Insurance protects electrical contractors from occupational hazards and accidents. Get an Electrician Public Liability Insurance quote online today.

Privacy, security & identity theft

Our commitment to protect your personal information is a priority. Learn about our Privacy Policy, Privacy and Security Statements, and identify theft help.

CTP Green Slip complaints and resolutions

We're committed to helping you receive the best possible outcome. If you’re unhappy about how we’ve dealt with your claim, tell us how we can do better.

Home Buildings Insurance

Protect the roof over your head and enjoy a lifetime guarantee on authorised repair work with NRMA Home Buildings Insurance in NSW, QLD, TAS, ACT, WA, SA and NT. Get a quote online today.

The helpful generation: Research reveals community-minded Millennials

New research we've released reveals Millennials and Gen Y are among the most helpful and community-minded in the country.

International Driving Permits from NRMA*

Going overseas? You may need to get an International Driving Permit so you can drive overseas without further tests or applications. Apply for a permit now!

Privacy, Security & Terms

Download our Privacy Policy, read about our Terms of Use, or learn about our rules and guidelines for connecting with us on social media.

Consumer alert

Consumer alerts for unsolicited calls relating to compensation claims. Stay up to date and read tips on what to do if you've received an unsolicited call.

How do I get a Primary Producer concession?

For us to apply the Primary Producer concession to your CTP policy, we'll need to sight one of the following documents: A Primary Producer Declaration issued by the RMS - this can be downloaded from their website A Primary Producer Declaration...

Travel insurance payments

Get a quote for your new International or Domestic Travel Insurance policy.