Let's get ready for storm season together

Is your family and home safe this storm season?

Storm season runs from October to March each year. NRMA Insurance is working with the State Emergency Services (SES) in NSW to help communities Get Ready for storm season and together, be ‘StormSafe’.

Each year storms and floods cause considerable damage throughout our communities. Our data and research shows that while almost half of all home insurance claims were made as a result of storm damage in the last twelve months, nearly three quarters of families have not taken active steps to prepare their families or homes.

Our emergency services do a fantastic job in keeping us safe - but we all need to play a part.

  • The best time to Get Ready for a storm is now. Visit the StormSafe website or the NSW Get Ready website for some simple tips on how to prepare your family, home and business. You can also download the StormSafe app for iOS or Android
  • It’s a good idea to make sure that you're adequately protected under your current policies. Calculate how much home and contents insurance you need with our online Home Calculator
  • Watch the brave, life-saving actions of NSW SES volunteers across the state on Storm Season on Channel 10 airing 31 October. Visit Storm Season to view webisodes, catch up on missed episodes and learn more about our SES volunteers