17 March 2014

NRMA Insurance launches ‘Crashed Car Showroom’ – a safety initiative to educate Australians about car safety technology and help reduce collisions on our roads.

A new survey by NRMA Insurance revealed a concerning lack of knowledge among Australian drivers about car safety technology.

Despite 95 per cent of Australian drivers claiming safety is their first priority, worryingly only one in 10 drivers feel they are truly knowledgeable about car safety1.

As a result, NRMA Insurance has created the NRMA Insurance Crashed Car Showroom, an interactive exhibition in Sydney’s CBD, designed to help Australians make informed car purchasing decisions and raise awareness about the importance of road safety.

The insurer will use cutting edge technology, plus the knowledge and data from its Research Centre to explain what to look for when buying cars and to highlight how modern safety technology can help save lives.

There’s an obvious need for better education. Awareness of common car safety technologies was also low, with less than 30 per cent able to answer what ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is and only 20 per cent knowing what ESC (Electronic Stability Control) stood for.

The survey also revealed that nearly 60 per cent of drivers did not consider colour as an important factor, yet NRMA Insurance research has shown that colour has an impact on safety with yellow cars being 10 per cent less likely to be involved in a crash than black ones.

Commenting on the results, Head of Research for NRMA Insurance Robert McDonald expressed his concern about the findings of the survey.

“The results were worrying. Cars have changed a lot over the last 10 years and we urge drivers to understand safety technology and which features to consider when making a car purchase, particularly if buying older, second-hand cars.

“As a leading car insurer, we are committed to road safety and to reducing risk in the community. We are hoping to help people understand the features and technology that can help make cars safer on the road for passengers and pedestrians, so they can make better informed car purchasing decisions,” said Mr McDonald.

The NRMA Insurance Crashed Car Showroom will demonstrate what it’s like to:

  • Be a crash test dummy through the latest virtual reality 3D technology
  • Show how car parts stand up to severe storms by allowing visitors to fire a specially modified hail gun
  • Expose the interior of a fully dissected car to show otherwise hidden safety technology.

The free event runs from 18 to 27 March 2014.

Additional NRMA Insurance statistics2

  • Around half of all collisions occurred in the afternoon between 12pm and 6pm
  • The most common day to have a collision was Friday
  • NRMA Insurance experienced the highest number of crash claims in the month of May

1 NRMA Insurance consumer research conducted by Pure Profile on a sample of over 1000 Australians nationally in February 2014.

2 Based on NRMA Insurance NSW comprehensive motor claims data for the 2013 calendar year.

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