CTP / Green Slip Car Insurance NSW

While everyone has to have a CTP Green Slip, that doesn’t mean all Green Slips are the same. But we’ve made our CTP Green Slip the compulsory choice, with a great range of features and benefits to protect you now, and down the track.

CTP Insurance for NSW residents covers you for personal injuries you cause to someone else in an accident.

But what about your injuries?

At NRMA Insurance, we offer At-fault driver cover to protect you for certain serious injuries, up to $300,000, where we agree you are at-fault.


What level of cover do I get for my money?

  • At-fault driver cover for up to $300,000 for certain serious injuries. For more information, read our At-fault Driver Policy (PDF)
  • Great value - for the price of your CTP Green Slip, you’ll get specialist personal injury insurance claims staff any time disaster strikes Great car insurance discounts and rewards
  • Convenient payment options, including E-Green Slips - pay online without having to visit the RTA
  • We have over 220 offices across the state – so there’s sure to be one near you.

With the Loyalty Discount, the more eligible policies you have and the longer you stay with us, the more you can save*

* CTP Insurance policies count towards your Loyalty Discount Policy Count, but do not receive the Loyalty Discount.