Life Insurance claims

Making a claim

Naturally we understand that a life insurance claim always comes at a difficult and emotional time. We’ll make the process as easy as we can, with a personal claims consultant to support your family through the process, step by step. Here’s what your family would need to do:

1 Call 1300 996 143 or download a claim form

The quicker we’re notified, the quicker we can work with your family or the person managing the claim and other affairs to help make sure they receive access to the benefits as soon as possible. We’ll stop collecting premiums immediately and talk them through the process.

Remember too that the claim needs to be made within 12 months of the death or diagnosis of terminal illness.

2 Send the details in a:

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Certified copy of the Death Certificate, Medical Attendant’s Certificate or another document showing evidence of death
  • Certified copy of evidence of the deceased’s birth certificate, passport or another formal identity document showing their age
  • Certified copy of proof of identity for the person making the claim and their relationship to the deceased

A certified copy is a copy signed and stamped by an individual authorised to do so who has checked it against the original document. Within Australia, certification can be completed by a range of authorised persons within the community including Medical Practitioners, Legal Practitioners, Court Officials, Justices of the Peace (JP), Full-time Primary or Secondary School Teachers, Pharmacists, Veterinarians and Police Officers.

3 Resolution

We’ll be in touch as quickly as we can to let your family know the progress and outcome of their claim. If the claim is successful, we’ll provide a Legal Expenses payment of $10,000, to help with legal fees. This is an advance payment from the full sum insured to assist with the expenses incurred in obtaining Probate or letters of Administration, whereupon the balance of your claim will then be payable.

Ways to speed up your claim

We’ll do everything we can to deal with a claim as quickly as possible, giving your family the support they need at a difficult and emotional time

To speed things up, we recommend:

  • Contacting us as soon as possible, so we can begin processing the claim
  • Having all the documentation ready
  • Ensuring that certification is complete for documents that require it

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