Safer, stronger, more confident communities

Supporting the State Emergency Services in NSW and QLD

No emergency service understands severe weather quite like the SES. That's why we're proud to be the Principal Partner of the SES and why we work together to help communities prepare for and respond to the impacts of adverse weather. Every storm season we help residents prepare their homes and continue to support our dedicated SES volunteers with a 'Hero Discount' on selected policies.

Leading through our own operations

We seek to run a responsible and ethical organisation in everything we do. Our operations are carbon neutral and we're working with our partners to reduce their footprint. EcoSmash is a course that helps our Partner Repairers understand and manage their environmental impact.

Indigenous engagement

The success of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for over 60,000 years is testament to their strategic thinking, inventiveness and resilience. We're driven to make reconciliation a reality in our country and work to support Indigenous people, communities and businesses.