CTP / Green Slip Insurance NSW

What is CTP Green Slip Insurance?

  • Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance, (also known as a Green Slip in NSW), must be purchased before you can register your vehicle in NSW
  • It is mandatory as part of the NSW Motor Accidents Scheme, which compensates people in the community injured in a car accident
  • It covers your liability, or whoever drives your car, for injuries caused to someone else in an accident, anywhere in Australia
  • If your vehicle is not registered, you may be personally liable for any injuries you cause and other penalties may apply

Why choose NRMA CTP Green Slip Insurance?

While every vehicle has to have CTP Green Slip Insurance, that doesn’t mean all CTP Green Slips are the same. NRMA CTP Green Slip Insurance has a great range of features and benefits to protect you now, and down the track including:

  • As an extra feature, we include At-fault Driver Cover as part of your NRMA CTP Green Slip Insurance. This means if you are responsible for causing an accident, you may also claim up to $500,000 for specified injuries. Find out more in the At-Fault Driver Policy booklet
  • Specialised personal injury claims staff, to take care of your claim and ensure those injured can access rehabilitation and health care professionals
  • Your CTP Green Slip counts towards your Loyalty Discount on your other eligible NRMA Insurance policies. This means the more eligible policies you have and the longer you're with us - the more you could save (CTP Insurance policies contribute towards your Loyalty Discount Policy Count, but do not receive the Loyalty Discount). Find out more about the Loyalty Discount
  • Convenient payment options, including:
    • - online with Visa, Mastercard and PayPal
    • - by phone with Visa and Mastercard
    • - at the Post Office
    • - face-to-face at any of our 220 branches across the state

Received your renewal and have questions?

What’s covered by NRMA CTP Green Slip Insurance?

  • Injuries caused by your vehicle to other people including pedestrians, passengers and cyclists
  • At-fault Driver Cover for up to $500,000 for specified serious injuries.

For more information, read our At-fault Driver Policy (PDF)

What’s not covered?

CTP Green Slip Insurance does not cover damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property. For this type of cover you need to consider taking out other car insurance. Visit Car Insurance for more information

How is the price of NRMA CTP Green Slip Insurance calculated?

We calculate your premium based on a number of factors such as, your vehicle's make, model and year, as well as your home location, how long you’ve been with us and if you have other car insurance policies. We also take into account the safety features of your vehicle.

We assume that the owners of all business use and commercial vehicles are entitled to claim an Input Tax Credit (ITC) on the GST included in the price of their CTP policy. This is reflected in the price of the CTP Green Slip as the ITC status of these policies is automatically assumed as yes.

A NSW CTP Green Slip can only be cancelled if you have cancelled the registration of the vehicle. Otherwise when buying or selling a vehicle, the CTP Green Slip is transferred to the new owner until the next renewal. When moving interstate, you will be required to cancel the vehicle’s NSW registration and CTP Green Slip in order to re-register in the other state.

To cancel a NSW CTP Green Slip:

  1. You must visit Service NSW to cancel your registration
  2. Obtain documents from Service NSW
  3. Complete the NRMA Insurance CTP cancellation form
  4. Send all relevant documentation to:
    1. Reply paid address noted on the form; or
    2. Email the documents to ctpaccountspayable@iag.com.au

Alternatively call us on 132 132 or visit your local NRMA branch

Download the CTP cancellation form

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Important documents

Download the current At-fault Driver Policy Booklet

If you have a policy that was taken out before 1 February 2016, read the previous At-fault Driver Policy (PDF)

You must have CTP/Green Slip Insurance to drive your car. Find out why it's so important.

You must have CTP/Green Slip Insurance to drive your car. Find out why it's so important.

Insurance Terminology

Insurance Terminology

NRMA Loyalty Discount - Rewarding your loyalty with savings

NRMA Loyalty Discount - Rewarding your loyalty with savings