CTP Green Slip Insurance helps you, and anyone you injure on the road, to get better sooner, through quick access to treatment and care and if needed, payments for income loss. At NRMA Insurance, we also offer you Driver Protection Cover if you’re at fault, with payments up to $500,000 for certain injuries (some exclusions apply1, so read more about Driver Protection Cover below). What’s more, the more eligible policies you have and the longer you stay with us, the more you could save with our Loyalty Discount.

Experience you can count on

At NRMA Insurance, we’ve been protecting Australians and the things they value for over 90 years. Over time, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge and experience. This helps us provide you with great customer service and quality cover, to better protect what matters most.

A snapshot of benefits

NRMA Insurance CTP Driver Protection Cover

As an NRMA CTP insured driver you receive extra, automatic cover if you’re in an accident and you’re at fault. CTP Driver Protection Cover is extra cover we automatically provide with your CTP Green Slip. Under CTP Driver Protection Cover, we’ll pay you an amount if you have an at fault motor vehicle accident when driving your vehicle and suffer specified injuries1.

Loyalty Discount

Your CTP Green Slip counts towards your Loyalty Discount on your other eligible NRMA Insurance policies. This means the more eligible policies you have and the longer you're with us, the more you could save (CTP Green Slips contribute towards your Loyalty Discount policy count, but don’t receive the Loyalty Discount).

Helping you claim

We’re there when you need us. Our specialised personal injury claims staff will take care of your claim and ensure you can access rehabilitation and health care professionals if you’re injured.

What does my CTP Insurance cover?


With an NRMA Insurance CTP Green Slip you, and anyone else injured by the accident, get up to six months of benefits including:

  • Weekly income payments (if time off work is required to recover)
  • Medical and treatment expenses, and
  • Commercial care for help needed around the home.

Not included

CTP Green Slip Insurance doesn't cover damage to your vehicle, other vehicles or property. This type of cover can be purchased from our Car Insurance page.

Still have a few questions?
Try our FAQs

Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP), also known as a CTP Green Slip, is mandatory in NSW and must be purchased before you can register your vehicle.

It covers your liability, and the liability of anyone else who drives your vehicle, for injuries caused to others in a motor accident. It also provides you with access to medical expenses and weekly payments for lost income, for up to six months if you're injured and you're at fault.

The premiums collected for CTP Green Slips help people injured on our roads to receive the rehabilitation services and financial support they need to recover quickly.

Your CTP Green Slip premium is calculated based on a number of factors about you and your vehicle, some of which are set by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) including the type of vehicle you drive and where your vehicle is garaged. For more information on this please visit SIRA online.

We apply additional risk factors, including:

  • Age of youngest driver using the vehicle
  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicle use (private or commercial)
  • At-fault motor claim in last two years
  • Demerit points
  • How long you've been with us
  • Other motor vehicle insurance
  • Vehicle safety features e.g. weight, brakes etc
  • Registering your vehicle in NSW for the first time.

Provided all your information matches with that of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), it can take up to an hour for your payment details to be transferred electronically. This is known as an Electronic Green Slip, or e-Green.

We recommend that you wait an hour before contacting the RMS to complete your registration.

If your payment details haven't transferred successfully, and you don't have a copy of the CTP Green Slip or a CTP policy receipt, the RMS won't be able to process your registration.

The RMS will ask you to contact us to resend a copy of your CTP Green Slip. Please have your registration papers on hand to confirm your details.

You'll need to contact the RMS to make changes to your CTP Green Slip, including:

  • Your address
  • Owner of the vehicle
  • Vehicle details such as your registration number.

The RMS will process these changes and our records will be automatically updated.

You can cancel your CTP Green Slip if you’ve cancelled the registration of your vehicle. When buying or selling a vehicle, the CTP Green Slip is transferred to the new owner until the next renewal.

If you move interstate, you’ll need to cancel the vehicle’s NSW registration and CTP Green Slip in order to re-register in another state.

To cancel your CTP Green Slip, visit a Service NSW Centre to first cancel your registration. Once you’ve received documents from Service NSW, please complete the CTP cancellation and send all relevant documentation to the reply paid address noted on the form, or email the documents to ctpaccountspayable@iag.com.au.

You can also call us on 1800 882 364 or visit us at your local branch.

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Driver Protection


Renew your vehicle

Get a bonus pink slip with any service at a participating NRMA car servicing store.

Get a bonus pink slip with any service at a participating NRMA car servicing store.

Get a bonus pink slip with any service at a participating NRMA car servicing store.

1 Excludes motorcycles, ambulances, buses, machinery, police vehicles, taxis, tow trucks and self-driven hire vehicles. Please read the CTP Driver Protection policy booklet for more information.