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Our Business Insurance offers value for money, minimal paperwork and flexible payment options

Save up to 10% when you get a new Business Insurance policy online1

Our Business Insurance is flexible, and can be easily customised to meet your business’ needs.

You can choose from a range of options to cover your business, from Public Liability cover to protection for your work tools, commercial vehicles, and more.

Plus, if you get a new Business Insurance policy online you can save up to 10%1.

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Expert Advice is our online tool that helps you choose your business insurance cover.

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Cover options

Here are some of the covers available within our Business Insurance product. You can mix and match to create a policy with the covers you’re looking for.

Public liability

For compensation claims if your business accidentally causes an injury or property damage and you’re found to be liable for it2.


Covers insured property like buildings, contents or stock, for damage from fire, storms and other covered causes2.


For certain accidental breakages of items like shopfront windows, glass shelving and display cabinets2.

Business interruption

Cover for certain loss (as detailed in your PDS), if your business is interrupted by specific types of damage2.


Covers insured property like business contents and stock from loss or damage due to theft2.


Cover for specified business cash, for loss caused by theft or accidental damage2.


Cover for sudden and unforeseen breakdown of your specified business machinery2.

Computer and electronic equipment

Cover for your office’s computer systems or electronic equipment, for sudden and unforeseen breakdown or damage from specified events like fire or storm2.

Portable property

Covers insured property like tools and devices while they’re away from your business premises, against specific events like theft from a locked vehicle2.

Personal accident and illness

This can provide you with a weekly benefit, if you can’t do your regular work due to a covered injury or illness2.

Commercial motor

You can insure the vehicles or trailers used in your business, with different levels of cover available2.

Tax investigation

For professional costs if investigated or audited by the ATO or a government revenue office about taxes payable by your business2.

Employee dishonesty

Cover for loss of money or goods caused by employee fraud or dishonesty2.

Need your certificates or tax invoice?

You can get a copy of your Certificate of Currency, Certificate of Insurance or tax invoice online. Log in to your account, then:

  1. Find your Business Insurance policy and select View policy
  2. Under Policy Documents, select Email me my Certificate of Currency to get a copy of your Certificate of Currency, or
  3. Select View all Policy Documents to view and request a copy of your Certificate of Insurance or tax invoice.
  4. A Certificate of Currency is proof that you have an active policy.

A Certificate of Insurance shows what your policy covers, the amount covered and the period of cover.

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Save up to 10% when you get Business Insurance online1

Your discount is automatically applied when you purchase your policy online.

Things you should know

  1. You can save up to 10% on the Business Insurance 'base premium' when you first purchase online. The base premium doesn't include any government or statutory charges. You will only get a discount on your first year's premium. Discounts only apply until you reach your minimum premium, so your discount might be limited by your minimum premium. When we calculate your premium on renewal, we may also limit any increases or decreases by considering factors like your previous year’s premium. This online offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to the full terms and conditions.

  2. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. See the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for further details.