Protecting your information

Unsolicited calls about compensation claims

Some unsolicited calls can promote compensation services or ask for personal information. These calls can happen after a car accident, and the caller might try to refer you to a claims or compensation service. The information provided in these calls may be misleading or false, and it can be difficult to know who is calling and what organisation they’re calling from. We strongly encourage anyone who receives a call like this to take reasonable steps to protect their personal information.

What you can do

Check the caller

If you receive a call and want to check if it’s legitimate, you can ask what organisation they’re calling from. You can then call that organisation back, including by contacting the organisation through the contact details published on their website, so that you know who you’re talking to.

Contact Scamwatch

If you receive an unsolicited call, do not provide any personal information. Instead, ask the caller for their:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Return phone number.

If you want to report the call, visit the Scamwatch website or call Scamwatch on 1300 795 995. You can also call your insurer.

Contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

If the caller already knows your personal information (and you believe they shouldn’t have that information) or if you’d like more information about reasonable steps you can take to protect your personal information, you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

You can contact the OAIC by:

Contact the motor accident authority

If you receive an unsolicited call, and you've suffered an injury in a motor accident, you should also contact the relevant motor or transport accidents authority in your State or Territory:

Claims Advisory Service of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA)
Call 1300 656 919 or visit

ACT CTP Insurance Scheme
Call 13 22 81 or visit

Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB)
Call 1800 006 224 or visit

Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)
Call 1800 287 753 (1800 CTP QLD) or visit

Motor Accident Commission’s (MAC) Motor Injury Fraud
Call 1800 013 443 or visit

Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA)
Call 08 9264 3333 or visit

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
Call 1300 654 329 or 1800 332 556 or visit

TIO Motor Accidents Compensation
Call 1300 301 833 or visit

Calls about insurance refunds

We may contact you directly to talk about an insurance refund. When we call, we might need to ask you for some information for our verification check so we can confirm we are speaking to the correct person.

If you don’t want to give your information for the verification check right away, you can choose to call us back so you know you’re talking to us. Or, alternatively, you can process the refund online yourself.

Learn more about these refund processes on our refund help page.