Renters’ Contents Insurance

Renters’ Contents Insurance (also known as Home Contents Insurance) covers just the things you own, like your furniture, TV and clothes

What's included

Cover for the things you own

Theft & vandalism

Cover for your items if they’re stolen, vandalised, or damaged in an attempted theft.


Cover for your items if they’re damaged by fire (including bushfire).

Temporary accommodation

If your home can’t be lived in after an incident we cover, we pay the difference between your usual rent and the cost of temporary accommodation1.

Flood, rainwater run-off & storm surge

Cover for your items if they’re damaged by flood, rainwater run-off and storm surge2.


Your items (like TVs and computers) are covered if they’re damaged by a power surge caused by lightning.

Let’s talk details

Learn about what else is covered on the Home Contents Insurance page, or read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

“Only renting”?

All across Australia, people say they’re “only renting” like that’s a bad thing.

But renting can be a great opportunity to focus on what’s important to you, instead of worrying about building repairs or mortgage payments. Nearly 2 out of 3 renters say renting is a better fit for their lifestyle3.

Plus, you can focus on protecting just the things that matter to you. Like with Renters’ Contents Insurance, which covers important things including your furniture, TV, computer and more, without also paying for buildings cover that you don’t need.

Policy booklets

For full details including limits, conditions and exclusions, read these policy documents

Do you know how much the items in your home are worth?

Things you should know

  1. If you’re renting the home (a tenant), we pay the extra rent costs we agree are reasonable for you, your family and the pets you normally keep at the home.

  2. We don’t cover actions of the sea, such as tides and waves. Check the PDS for a full list of exclusions. If we give you the option to remove cover for flood, rainwater run-off and storm surge and you choose to do so, you won’t be covered for loss or damage to your home caused by flood, rainwater run-off or storm surge.

  3. Based on the October 2020 YouGov Contents Insurance Study involving 884 home owners and renters.