Home Buildings & Contents Insurance

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Home Buildings & Contents Insurance

What's included

Even if you forget to lock up

Theft & vandalism

We cover stolen items and damage from robbery and vandalism, including stolen keys.


We cover loss and damage to your home and items caused by fire (including bushfire).

Flood, rainwater run-off & storm surge

We cover damage to your home and items caused by flood, rainwater run-off and storm surge1.

Emergency repairs

If your home needs urgent repairs, we’re here 24/7 to help keep you safe.

Rebuilding your home

We pay to repair or rebuild your home up to the insured amount if it’s damaged by a covered event.

Temporary accommodation

If your home can’t be lived in after a covered event, we pay for temporary accommodation2.

Water & oil leaks

We cover damage to your home and items caused by water and oil leaks3, like from a burst pipe.

Broken glass

We cover accidentally broken glass and ceramic in your home's furniture and some permanent fixtures4.

Impact damage

We pay for damage caused by impacts from things like vehicles and trees5.


We cover damage and power surges caused by lightning.

Building materials

If you’re renovating, we cover loss or damage to building materials at your home caused by a covered event (up to $1,000).

Demolishing & removing debris

If your home is damaged beyond repair by a covered event, we pay to demolish it and remove the debris.

No excess for food spoilage

If your fridge stops working after a covered event, we pay for spoiled food and prescription medicine.

Liability for injury or damage

We cover your legal liability in some situations if someone’s injured or their property’s damaged at your home (up to $20m).

Visitors' belongings

We cover your visitors' items if they're damaged by a covered event at your home (up to $500).

Moving to a new home

We cover items being moved to your new home if they're damaged in a car accident.

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Optional extras

Add these when you get a quote

Accidental damage

Add cover for damage to buildings and fixtures from unintentional mishaps around your home6.

Motor burnout

Add cover for electric motor fusion7 in fixtures like air con and pool pumps, including parts and labour.

Pet lover's pack

Optional cover for vet fees if your cat or dog’s in an accident, plus accommodation for them after a covered event.

Valuable contents

Increase your cover for some items in your home like art, jewellery and collectables.

Portable contents

Choose to cover items like glasses, jewellery and luggage when you take them outside your home8.

Not included

There are some things we don't cover

Safety net

We repair or rebuild your buildings up to the insured amount. With Home Plus we pay an extra 25% if that’s not enough.

Plants, trees & shrubs

We don’t cover damage to plants, trees or shrubs but we do with Home Plus.

Policy booklets

For full details including limits, conditions and exclusions, read these policy documents

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Upgrade to Home Plus

Home Plus is premium protection for your home. It gives you all the benefits of our standard home insurance, plus extra features and automatic cover you don’t usually find in other policies.

With Home Plus you get:

  • An extra 25% on top of your insured amount to rebuild, repair or replace your home and items (if you need it)
  • Automatic cover for accidental damage to your home and items
  • Automatic cover for electric motor burnout or fusion in things like fridges and air con
  • Cover for up to $2,000 of damage to plants, trees and shrubs.

To get Home Plus, select Upgrade to Plus cover at the end of your quote.

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Things you should know

  1. We don’t cover actions of the sea, such as tides and waves. Check the PDS for a full list of exclusions. If we give you the option to remove cover for flood, rainwater run-off and storm surge and you choose to do so, you won’t be covered for loss or damage to your home caused by flood, rainwater run-off or storm surge.

  2. We pay for accommodation for up to a year if you were living in the damaged home, we agree it's unliveable and we agree to the cost before you make arrangements.

  3. We don’t cover damage caused by water leaking or escaping from a shower recess or shower base. We don’t cover loss from erosion or other earth movements. We don’t cover the costs to repair or replace the item that the water or oil leaked or escaped from.

  4. We don't cover broken glass in televisions, radios, or computer equipment unless you choose to add Accidental Damage Cover.

  5. We don't cover loss or damage caused by tree cutting, lopping or felling.

  6. We don't cover fishing equipment, sporting equipment, musical instruments or firearms while they're in use.

  7. We can cover motors for up to 15 years after they were made.

  8. Portable items are covered for loss, theft and accidental damage. We cover up to $10,000 for each item unless you list it separately for more. There are other limits for items taken outside Australia or New Zealand, check the PDS. We don’t cover scratches and dents or items being cleaned or repaired. We don’t cover fishing equipment, sporting equipment, musical instruments or firearms while they’re in use. We don’t cover bicycles while they’re being used in a competitive race or time trial.

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