MAI Insurance

Cover for you and anyone who’s injured if you cause an accident on the road

What is MAI Insurance?

Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance is a must-have for ACT drivers.

It replaces CTP Insurance and covers you for road accidents that happen from 1 February 2020.

You need MAI Insurance before you can register your vehicle. It doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle, other vehicles, or property – only injuries.

MAI Insurance pays for medical treatment for anyone who needs it after they’re injured in a road accident.

When you register your vehicle through Access Canberra, choose NRMA Insurance for your MAI Insurance.

How much does MAI Insurance cost?

Vehicle type Premium
Passenger vehicle $399.20
Ute or van (gross vehicle mass under 4.5 tonnes) $476.30
Motorcycle (engine capacity under 300cc) $85
Motorcycle (engine capacity over 300cc) $435
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Why choose NRMA Insurance?

Loyalty Discount

Our Loyalty Discount rewards you for having multiple eligible policies with us.

So, if you already have car insurance with us, adding MAI Insurance could help you save money.

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We'll help with your claim

If you have an accident and someone’s hurt, you can call us on 1800 032 220.

Later, complete your claim forms and our team of specialists will help you every step of the way.

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You have a few options to pay for your MAI Insurance:

Your MAI Insurance stays with your vehicle, so we’ll transfer the insurance to the new owner.

This also means you won’t get a refund on your MAI Insurance when you sell your vehicle.

From 1 February 2020, the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance scheme was replaced by Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance.

The CTP scheme didn’t cover everyone injured in a road accident. If you caused the accident or if you were hurt in an accident that wasn’t anyone’s fault (like if you hit a kangaroo), you weren’t covered for the cost of your treatment or lost income.

With the new MAI scheme, everyone who’s injured in a road accident may now be covered for up to five years of medical treatment, care, and lost income if they’re injured in an accident.

Find out more about MAI Insurance at the Motor Accident Injuries Commission (MAIC).

Because the new MAI scheme covers a driver who caused an accident, we no longer offer At-fault Driver cover. If you need to claim for an accident that happened before February 2020, call us on 1800 032 220.

Choose us for your MAI Insurance when you renew your registration

If you want help, you can talk to us. Call 132 132 (7am–10pm)